New Ford Transit Custom Rear Barn Door Attack Method

5 May 2020  |  Admin

We written a blog post in December 2019 warning customers to get there Transit custom secured after a new attack method come about. This is when a thief cuts a hole in the sliding door to attack the lock and simply pop the door open. The post on this can be found here. This new method however doesn't cause as much damage as it does to the sliding door. The thief simply drills a hole to the left hand side of the rear barn doors to allow access and release the rear doors.

Due to many Ford Transit Custom owners demanding Fords to do something about the drivers door unlocking the whole van they decided to issue a free of charge update around the start of 2019. This did slow down the basic thieves / just looking for a quick entry and stealing whatever they can. However many thieves simply don't stop once a new security update has been issued. They will look at new ways a vehicle can be opened in the quickest manner without making much noise.

Some owners have decided to install security plates in the lower area of the sliding door to stop this form of attack opening the vehicle. However it means they will go to the next weakest point. The thieves have found if you attack the rear door in the same way you can get the rear barn doors open. This is a major problem for many tradesman. We however do have 2 suggestions, You can fit Thatcham approved deadlocks which will mean if the factory locks are defeated the van will remain locked. Or you could go for the Pandora Mini BT with additional wireless shock sensors, These sensors can be mounted lower down on the door to detect any form of drilling or tampering. The perfect set up would be an alarm and deadlocks for good layers of security to protect your tools.

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