Ford Transit Custom Load Door Entry Method In Essex

20 December 2019  |  Admin

The method that is taking Essex by storm, many Ford Transit Custom owners think they are safe from tool theft by either having the Ford software update, or by having the drivers door lock upgraded. Sadly thieves are always looking for ways to gain entry and they don't care how much damage is caused in the process. The method used to gain entry on a Transit Custom is to cut a hole in the lower side door. Once a hole has been drilled in front of the lock latch a simple plastic piece needs to be moved with a screw driver and the door will pop open. This method started around August 2019 and it is quickly becoming the most common form of entry,

Many van owners wanted Ford to act on the drivers door lock opening the whole van, they done a software update which stops this happening but sadly thieves won't stop breaking into your van due to an electronic update. The area on the lower sliding door is thin metal so its an ideal place for a thief to attack, sadly if you don't have any form of alarm this will be an almost silent attack. What do we recommend? Our Thatcham deadlocks mounted nice and high on the sliding and rear barn doors giving great security, we would also recommend a decent alarm upgrade such as the Pandora Mini system, this offers excellent security in terms of a full alarm system & immobilisation keeping the vehicle completely safe.

Lock specialists are making / designing a plate for this form of attack but it will be a while before it becomes available on the UK market. Once this plate is on the market it will cover any damage caused in the lower door area and it's also a good plate to install if you want to protect your vehicle before its attacked. We would strongly advise the multilayer security approach ( Locks, Alarm, Immobiliser ) for protecting your Ford Transit Custom.

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