Cobratrak 5 Fitted Essex

22 December 2015  |  Admin

Shopping for the best? Look no further than the prestige vehicle tracking system known as the Vodafone Cobratrak 5. The system has been redesigned and it is now known as the V2 version. The great part about the latest version V2 is the unit is much smaller making the device perfect for new vehicles with next to no room behind the vehicles panels. The Cobratrak has meet and exceeded the expectations set out by Thatcham and its the number one device insurance companies recommend to have fitted to your prestige vehicle.

The main part I like about the Vodafone Cobratrak is the quality, unlike other cheaper units which don't even come close to the quality of the Cobra product. Made in Italy the workmanship is the best in its class with all CE approvals and leading back up from Cobra in the event of an issue. The system does an automatic health check which means you can always be assured the vehicle is in safe hands.

With worldwide vehicle coverage and a multi roaming sim the tracker will constantly change networks to find the strongest signal. Cobra has been used by manufactures as original fit equipment for many years and its the best route to take if your a customer simply wanting the best keeping track of your vehicle. we have listed below the key benefits on the Vodafone Cobratrak 5

  • Outstanding quality ( Made in Italy )
  • Dual roaming Sim ( Best coverage tracking worldwide )
  • Anti Jamming GPS
  • Anti Jamming GSM
  • Starter Immobilisation
  • Secure ADR Card ( Automatic Driver Recognition )
  • Used as OE equipment

We fit the Vodafone Cobratrak 5 Thatcham Cat 5 stolen vehicle recovery tracking system in Essex and all local areas.



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