VW Polo 2013 Alarm Fitting Brentwood Essex

13 September 2017  |  Admin

The VW Polo has been around on UK roads for many years now. But a huge amount of these vehicles only have remote locking which is controlled via the drivers door lock / barrel. Many customers feel unhappy about this and decide on upgrading just the remote locking ( Remote Fob ) side of things or they go for the complete upgrade which offers remote locking and security. This customers vehicle had the Cobra Can-Bus alarm installed along with a data module to allow complete intergration of the locking and indercator light flash.

This alarm and remote locking upgrade is perfect for the VW Polo wrapping it in protection. It protects the doors, boot, bonnet and interior. The siren is 118db and features a full on board battery in case the wiring is attacked the siren will still keep sounding.

The alarm looks very neat once installed and the only parts seen are the LED ( as pictured above ) and the ultrasonic sensors which sit at the top of each a pillar are also colour matching. If you would like a Cobra Car Alarm installed you can give give us a call on 07525 068291.

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