Subaru Parrot Handsfree Fitting

28 June 2016  |  Admin

In Car Advacements installed a Parrot MKI9200 into a Subaru, the owner was unimpressed with the features of the standard unit not offering any form of Bluetooth or iPod playback and the 9200 offers everything required to keep the customer happy. The unit also features Bluetooth music streaming meaning you can simply pair up your phone via a wireless Bluetooth connection and listen to your favourite music. This kit features a very nice colour screen and the display looks very sleek.

The display also offers the ability to add an sd card to upload music and much more. Meaning you could have a large SD card inserted into the side of the unit and listen to hours and hours of music without having to worry about an iPod or MP3 player.

The handsfree system can allow up to at least 2 phones paired at anyone time. Meaning you can have a personal and work phone paired at the same time. We supply and fit all the Parrot range and we are fully certified to carry out a parrot installation at your home or place of work. Call us on 07525 068291 to book an installation.


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