Starline I96 Review

30 March 2019  |  Admin

The Starline I96 Can-Bus inmobiliser, some would say is it the same as the Autowatch Ghost? The answer is yes it offers can-bus blocking. But it also offers slightly more such as dual can-bus blocking this means the Starline i96 sends blocking data to stop the vehicle running / driving on 2 can-bus lines rather than 1 can-bus line meaning its more secure ( however the vehicle database is alot smaller ) this means the Autowatch Ghost 2 Tassa approved covers alot more vehicle coverage. This Starline I96 also has an additional feature which is called analogue blocking which means it can also cut a electrical system within the vehicle meaning extra security however this is rarely used / down to the engineer fitting the device, don't be supprised if your charged more for this add on.

The I96 Starline Immobiliser also allows you to pair up a Bluetooth - Apple or Android smartphone allowing you to simply get in the vehicle and turn the ignition on and the Starline system will disarm. If a lot of family members drive the same vehicle you can add ADR tags into the system this means providing the tag is within range ( such as on the vehicle keys ) it will allow the system to disarm without having to worry about entering pin numbers via the original vehicle buttons or using a smartphone.

If you want the Starline I96 can work in exactly the same way as other Can-Bus immobilisers on the market such as getting in, turning the ignition on and entering a secure code via the original vehicle buttons in order to turn the immobiliser off. The Starline I96 is made in Russia so you can be assured of a well made product, Starline is the largest security manufature in Russia with full ISO approvals and many approvals by vehicle manufatures.

Starline systems come with a 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind! However The Autowatch Ghost 2 Tassa approved model has been released in 2020 and this offers owners complete piece of mind including the very trusted Autowatch money back garantee if the vehicle is stolen*.



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