Should You Install Alarm Window Stickers

27 December 2015  |  Admin

You hear it time and time again how people hear from one another why you should never fit alarm window stickers. This phase started years ago and many customers don't even know why. Many years ago many alarms were very basic and even approved alarms could be defeated in seconds meaning if a thief knows his way around the alarm brand you have installed on your vehicle they would know exactly how to disarm it. And in some cases they won't even make a sound doing so.

True professional vehicle theifs can steal unprotected cars in seconds without making a sound. With the advancements in car alarms over the recent years there are a select few that really do hold there own against vehicle theft. For example if you was going to attack a vehicle with a Thatcham approved Cobra alarm the siren is digitally coded to the alarms ECU meaning the siren can't be turned off or attacked without the siren sounding. Years ago we didn't have this type of digit coding technology put into car alarm systems meaning they was easy to defeat.

Another thing to take note is don't think you can simply trick a thief by installing a LED from a car parts shop to make them think an alarm is installed. They know what to look for and within seconds they can tell if you really do have an alarm installed. Car alarm window stickers should be installed providing your using a high quality car alarm from the following brands Cobra, Clifford, Laserline.

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