Renault Trafic Pandora Light Pro Fitted Essex

2 July 2019  |  Admin

The Renault Trafic and the Vauxhall Vivaro share the same running gear and sadly these vehicles are targetted by thieves on a daily basis. Installing a Pandora Alarm System offers you excellent security and you know your vehicle is OK by simply looking at the OLED remote giving you status of the vehicle ( Locked / Unlocked ), the remote control will also act as a pager up to 1 mile away meaning if your vehicle is attacked such as a door opened it will send an alert instantly to the pager. The OLED display will also let you know what has triggered the system so you will instantly know what has caused the alarm.

The system also features a secure ADR tag which works on Bluetooth platform 128 rolling code meaning it offers complete protection against key scanning or key cloning. The tag works as an immobiliser for example if the ADR tag isn't within the vehicles interior it won't allow the vehicle to start / run. Or If the ADR tag is within the interior and the tag is removed ( Hijacked ) the system will start it's 30 second countdown after this time has lapsed the vehicle will instantly immobilise meaning it can't be driven or restarted.

This Pandora Light Pro offers complete protection for your vehicle such as protection for the doors front, side, rear, dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor and a motion sensor. The motion sensor means it will trigger / sound the alarm if the vehicle is dragged / pulled along. The Pandora allows you to also arm and disarm the system via the original remote allowing you complete convenience and hassle free use. This was fitted by Essex Pandora Platinum dealer In Car Advancements.

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