Pandora Thatcham Approved Siren

21 April 2020  |  Admin

The siren everyone has been waiting for since Pandora has been released in the UK. The Thatcham approved battery back up siren, which just requires a live and earth the siren talks wirelessly via Bluetooth to the main alarm unit. This means if your vehicle doesn't have a spare factory wiring grommet no holes need to be drilled because the siren can be mounted in the engine bay and we can pick up the power elsewhere.

This also adds another layer of security by having a wireless siren installed a thief can't attempt to trace any siren wiring back to the main alarm ECU. Giving a much higher level of security. The siren itself is very small and can either be mounted by 2 screws or in most cases we use a custom bracket which we mount the siren directly onto by using bolts. Then use an original vehicle threaded bolt hole or an existing bolt already fitted. This means the vehicle isn't drilled keeping your anti corrosion warranty. The siren is so thin it will slide into any engine bay nicely.

The Thatcham PS-332BT is nice and loud at 120DB when sounding. If any wiring is cut while armed the siren will keep sounding, the Pandora alarm ECU is constantly talking via Bluetooth meaning if the alarms Bluetooth is jammed or blocked in anyway the alarm will trigger / keep sounding. Another good feature is the temperature sensor built into the siren meaning if the temperature is not detected through the vehicles Can-Bus line the siren can give a good estimate reading.

These sirens come as standard with any of our Pandora Thatcham approved alarm systems. If you would like a Pandora system installed give us a call on 07525068291.

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