Pandora Specification Table

14 April 2020  |  Admin

Pandora alarm systems are very involved and with so many sensors and features it's hard to understand which system will suit your needs. We always suggest to the customer thinking about what features you really need. For example the Light Pro V2 is a fantastic alarm system but many owners don't want to carry around an additional long range remote. So for example, we would suggest either the Pandora Mini BT or Smart Pro. Every customer has there own requirements, and this table has been designed to help you the customer make the right choice.

The main questions we get asked on a daily basis are below

How far is the Bluetooth range?

The average range of the Bluetooth between your Apple or Android smartphone is between 3-10 meters depending on which phone your using and the environment around you. The Pandora Light Pro V2 & Pandora Elite has a much longer Bluetooth range than other models due to the Bluetooth chip and Lora technology.

Is remote start included?

Remote start is NOT included with ANY Pandora alarm system as standard. Remote start can only be added to the following systems Pandora Light Pro, Pandora Smart Pro, Pandora Elite. Remote Start costs around £300 to add onto your Pandora system. Please be aware in MANY cases you will need to give up / loose a spare key. The spare key is installed into an Immobiliser Bypass module hidden behind the vehicles dash.

Can I lock & unlock my vehicle through the Bluetooth or Pandora Online app?

The Bluetooth lock & unlock features only work on certain vehicles. For example they work perfectly on a Mercedes Vito. However with a BMW 3 / 4 series you will be able to lock the doors through the app however you won't be able to unlock the doors ( due to it triggering the factory alarm ). 

Are the lower end systems not as well made?

All Pandora systems are made exactly the same meaning the quality is 100% on every model all backed with a 3 year warranty. The only thing your paying for on higher end systems is the GPS tracking and GSM alerts.

Are the higher end systems more secure?

Every Pandora alarm and immobiliser system is secure. They all feature the ability to add extras such as wireless engine immobilisers and wireless OBD immobilisers. But remember the system is only as good as the installer. You are best choosing a Pandora Platinum dealer for the best installation. In Car Advancements are the only Platinum dealer in the Essex area.

Has a vehicle ever been stolen with a Pandora system fitted by In Car Advancements?

So far we have NOT had any customer come forward and say their Pandora system has been bypassed or the vehicle has been stolen. For the best security we recommend keeping the Pandora tag completely separate from the vehicles keys.

Can the system be cloned or key scanned like the factory car system?

NO Pandora estimate it will be 15 years before the thieves catch up and manage to clone the systems tag signal. The latest systems are even more secure by using LORA which is another layer of security. The ADR tags also time out after 5 mins of no movement, meaning even if the tag is close to the vehicle it won't disarm the Pandora alarm and immobiliser unless the ADR tag is picked up and walked along.

I want GSM phone alerts if my vehicle is attacked?

You will either need a Pandora Smart Pro or Pandora Elite system. If you have a lower end Pandora Mini or light pro installed you can add the Pandora Eye to give you these features. All GSM systems feature a subscription of £100 per year to keep the system active.

How reliable are they?

All Pandora systems feature a 3 year warranty to give you complete piece of mind when having a system installed. They are very reliable and are one of the best made systems in the world. By choosing us you can rest assured you will be looked after and have the support there if you ever need it.


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