Pandora Smart Watch As Your Car Key

9 January 2020  |  Admin

Not available as yet but the future of Pandora is simply next level. The idea behind the Pandora Smart Watch is to have the watch function as a car key. Meaning you wouldn't need to carry any tags or the original vehicle remote key. Please be aware this will only apply to keyless vehicles, and you will need to give up / loose your spare vehicle key. The watch will give you the ability to walk up to your vehicle and it can automatically disarm and unlock the vehicle and simply sit inside and turn the ignition on without pressing any buttons. The watch will also work as a tag meaning if your alarm has anti hijack and you and the watch leave the vehicle the alarm will go into anti hijack mode shutting the car down.

The watch will also give full notifications from your smartphone via Bluetooth if within range or if you have a Pandora eye, Smart pro or professional you can get alerts from anywhere in the world. Meaning you will always be connected to your vehicle. The watch also lists the status of your vehicle such as if a door is open or at a glace you can simply see if your vehicle is locked or unlocked. Pandora want the Smart Watch to be the ultimate key for your vehicle meaning the user / customer doesn't need to carry as much. The battery life is a major problem on many smart watches and as such Pandora have spent so much time making it very low energy, even with extreme heavy usage Pandora estimates it will have around 12-14 days battery life. Considering a smartphone requires charging every day this is very impressive.

The Pandora watch is in the final stages of completion ready for the UK market. Extra parts will be required to a standard Pandora system to allow the watch to act as a smart key. But this is a world first and we are very excited for the future of car security. We have also done a blog post on the Pandora Smart watch.

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