Pandora Smart Pro V3 Ford Focus RS MK3

2 March 2021  |  Admin

The owner of this Ford Focus MK3 RS wanted the best security money can buy. You simply can't get anything more sleeker than the Pandora Smart Pro V3 the latest system to hit the market, it really is the alarm & tracker package you need to protect your vehicle, offering more than any other system in the UK at present. The Pandora Smart Pro V3 is a full alarm with complete protection against key scanning, cloning and code grabbing, a full immobiliser which only disarms when a tag is within range, GSM phone alerts meaning if the alarm triggers the alarm will phone you and let you know the exact zone that triggered the alarm. The Pandora smartphone app will also send you a push notification to let you know if your phone is on silent. The GPS side of things meaning you can track your vehicle with the click of a button and view any previous routes the vehicle has taken.

This system will protect all major zones such as the doors, boot, bonnet via the can-bus network along with the onboard sensors such as the double zone shock, tilt and motion sensor meaning you have so many sensors wrapping your vehicle in complete protection. The Pandora Smart Pro V3 comes with 12 months subscription exclusive through us, after that 12 months has expired its only £100 per year to keep your tracker system active. That is less than £8.50 to keep running giving you a cost effective solution long term, other trackers are simply passive and don't alert the owner if the vehicle is being attacked. You will be alerted straight away if the Pandora Smart Pro V3 is triggered giving you total piece of mind when leaving your vehicle.

The Pandora Smart Pro V3 also allows you to remotely immobilise your vehicle in motion on the Ford Focus RS MK3 meaning even if your keys and Pandora ADR tag are stolen you can simply phone the alarm and shut the vehicle down, this is ideal if your house is ever broken into for your keys and they take the Pandora ADR tag. This is simply another level in terms of protection which no other system even comes close to matching the quality and the features Pandora offers. If you would like a Pandora installed by the NO1 alarm installer in Essex call us on 07525 068291.   

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