Pandora PTS Immobiliser

14 February 2019  |  Admin

The Pandora PTS immobiliser is a fantastic immobiliser that can be added to any push to start ( Button / Keyless ) ignition system. This can be added to ANY pandora alarm system providing it's running the latest Bluetooth software. The idea behind this immobiliser is the fact of it being completely independent and works on its own rather than having wiring or cables joining it to the alarm system. This is the most secure PTS immobiliser due to the module being so small it can be loomed into the vehicles wiring harness and the chances of it being found are 1 in a 1000 due to how well it can blend in with a factory harness.

When the system is disarmed and a tag is within range the Pandora will send a Bluetooth  encrypted signal to the Pandora PTS immobiliser telling it to disarm and allow use of the PTS button. Even if a thief found the main alarm unit they wouldn't be able to bypass / find the PTS immobiliser giving total security.

We can add this onto any Pandora alarm system during installation. Ask in terms of costs for your vehicle.

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