Pandora New Products Launching 2019

30 September 2018  |  Admin


Pandora have a huge range of new security add on's and new security products coming in 2019. Pandora provide the very latest security products ever seen before. They still remain the most advanced security and remote start along with GPS tracking products in the world. We have created a small list of products we are looking forward to getting in 2019.

  • VS-24 Bluetooth adjustable dual zone proximity sensor.

The Pandora proximity sensors have to be adjusted via the sensor itself in most cases, unless you have the top of the range Pandora Professional alarm system. This brand new sensor being released in 2019 will allow ALL of the Pandora products to have a Proximity sensor will is adjustable from the exterior of the vehicle. This can either be done via an OLED remote control or the Bluetooth / Online app which allows you to adjust all the sensors on the vehicle. This will mean a customer can make many small and quick adjustments without needing to gain access to the sensor.

  • BMW CAS 3 Immobiliser Bypass.

BMW vehicles with the CAS 3 unit have been a pain to add remote start. This new product from Pandora is plug and play on the BMW vehicles meaning it is linked into your alarm without any modding or changes to the original vehicle wiring. This will offer customers to have Remote Start on many BMW vehicles without using a spare key. The Pandora system will clone the original key code offering total security when carrying out a remote start command.

  • Pandora Motor home Alarm Package.

Pandora have focused a huge product line on cars, vans and motorbikes. But now they have put there efforts into creating the most advanced motor home alarm in the world. This will have additional sensors to protect the rear living area within your motor home. These systems will also be online via smartphone and offer full GPS tracking.

  • NEW Pandora Light Pro PLUS & Pandora Professional Models.

Offering more and more features along with re-chargeable remotes which are missing from the current product line, And more features which will help the installer such as 3 X Can-Bus lines which will allow better features within your vehicle when remote starting for example. These extra can-bus lines could be used to send data to activate heaters, heated seats or maybe a heated steering wheel in some cases. Once the product is released will will release full spec's and the products abilities.


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