Pandora GPS Anchor

23 April 2020  |  Admin

Pandora are always ahead in the car security market and this is a worlds first. With the worry of thieves using advanced methods to try and jam vehicle tracking products Pandora have put something in place which not only alerts you if you have a Smart Pro or Elite product. But also triggers the siren which would alert you straight away if a theft is attempted on your driveway for example. This works by the alarm knowing the exact location via GPS cordinents  when locking / arming your Pandora alarm.

When armed the alarm is always checking the GPS position and if it has changed or the system is jammed the alarm will trigger. The alarm system will also phone you in the event of the alarm sounding ( Smart Pro & Elite )  which gives you total piece of mind against GPS jammers / hackers. This feature will be added to all new installations from April 2020 onwards giving you the most secure alarm system on the planet.

Another great part of the GPS anchor is when the customer changes setting and decreases Sensitivity ( not understanding what this adjustment does ) of the motion sensor and the system no longer detects movement as it should, the GPS anchor feature will save the day offering an alarm trigger if the vehicle is pushed or towed. All GSM / GPS Pandora alarm systems will now feature dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor, motion sensor and GPS anchor giving you more security than any other alarm in the UK. No other alarm system offers GPS anti Jam right now meaning on cheaper alarm systems the GPS could be disabled and you simply wouldn't know until it's to late and your vehicle has disappeared.

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