Pandora Can-Bus Sniffing Training

28 December 2019  |  Admin

In Car Advancements are always involved with the Pandora research and development. No matter if it's a simple alarm software or helping create the best firmware file for a vehicle. This time we was learning how to 'Can sniff' a vehicle this to many customers and engineers will be magic, but it is the core to making / enhancing Can-Bus software profiles for each vehicle. We was working on an Audi RS7 & Ford Focus MK3. On these vehicles we added more buttons for validator which is a series of buttons which must be entered via the steering wheel or window buttons before the vehicle will be allowed to start. The Firmware for these vehicles is already good but we wanted to enhance them even further.

A bloke named Alex came over from Russia to guide us through attaching the Can-bus sniffer to the vehicles can lines, explaning the bit rate in which the can-bus lines can use in each vehicle. Once the can lines are attached the software will list all the can bus commands from the vehicle. When the ignition is turned on there is a huge amount of data between all the modules fitted being exchanged, we then had to extract the codes from the can-bus list which we thought was a certain command from the vehicle ( such as a window up command ) and test each time. This isn't the quickest of tasks for someone learning how to understand can-bus data but Alex made it look extreamly easy.

The day was a very big eye opener as to how much work goes into a can bus firmware for a vehicle. For years I thought it was a straight forward task but easy doesn't even come into it. In Car Advancements will be involved in a lot more Can-bus sniffing and  firmware enhacing in 2020 giving the customer the best experience possible. We will also be logging more data so extra features can be added into the alarm system. Remember we are the only Platinum Pandora dealer in the Essex area. If your thinking of getting a Pandora alarm system installed give us a call on 07525 068291.

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