Pandora Band

3 February 2021  |  Admin

The latest gadget to be released by Pandora in 2021. The Pandora Band allows you to have a band as your ADR tag meaning its ideal if you have anti hijack active on your alarm system, if your removed from the vehicle the alarm will detect the Pandora Band has left the interior and it will start the anti-hijack count down. If your Pandora alarm system already locks & unlocks the doors through the mobile app the Pandora Band will allow you to press the single button on the band to lock & unlock your vehicles doors. Please bare in mind the Pandora Band is Bluetooth and the range is between 10-50 meters depending on the environment.

The Pandora Band will also update the status of your vehicle such as locked or unlocked and much more, the Band is currently being tested in the UK and I can tell it will be a great add on for any Pandora system. Pandora have been releasing many great products over the past few years and this will be the best affordable add on in 2021. Due to it being so new we will update this blog post when more features have been tested (such as fitness features).

The Pandora Band has a rechargeable inbuilt battery which will save money in terms of replacement tag batteries. The Band will also display the current time if you wish to use it as a watch and with many different strap bands available it will suit many tastes.


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