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8 March 2019  |  Admin

Aired this morning at around 6.45AM there was a video played on the BBC news channel regarding the Pandora alarm systems and two other very well known brands in the car security industry. The video aired displaying footage of a range rover being unlocked and the anti hijack being activated via the online portal ( ). This part of the video is fake due to the Pandora online portal ( ) not allowing the system to lock / unlock the doors while the vehicle is in motion. You also can't activate anti-hijack ( where the vehicles indicators flash for a period of 30 seconds then the vehicle immobilises ) via the online portal.

The company Pen Test Partners found a glitch / hack in the where it allowed hackers to create a new password for online accounts. They also found a glitch / hack for two other main alarm brands. This glitch / loop hole got fixed by Pandora Russia within 24 hours ( not the 4 days stated in the video ) This loop hole would have only applied to the following alarm systems ( Pandora Smart, Pandora Smart Pro, Pandora Professional ) But once again the loop hole was fixed within 24 hours offering complete piece of mind to any customer using

Even if this glitch wasn't fixed the video is still flawed / fake due to Pandora systems offering total security at every stage. We have listed the main security layers below that apply to EVERY Pandora alarm system....

What layers does Pandora feature for the best security ?

  • The ADR / immobiliser tag has to be within range to allow the alarm to disarm / turn off without the alarm sounding.
  • The ADR / Immobiliser tag has to be within range to allow the immobiliser to turn off.
  • The owner / customer can shut the vehicle down remotely via there mobile phone, but they need to phone the alarm system. ( This can't be done via )
  • Without an ADR / Immobiliser tag the only way of disarming a Pandora is via the 4 digit security override code. ( This can't be done via )

Why was this BBC video created fake / Misguiding ?

  • can't unlock the doors while a vehicle is in motion.
  • can't activate anti hijack the vehicle in motion.
  • can't immobilise the vehicle through the app.
  • A vehicle can't be taken / stolen due to the encrypted technology used in the ADR / Immobiliser tag.
  • The owner / customer can only shut it down via there stored mobile number and phoning the system directly.
  • The BBC page listing this feature has changed the content throughout the day / confusing people even more.

Should I worry if I have a Pandora alarm system fitted or planning to get one installed?

  • Pandora is the most secure and the most advanced alarm on the market.
  • Pandora fixed the portal loop hole within 24 hours ( it's now more secure than ever before ).
  • Pandora uses multiple layers of security to stop vehicle theft ( No vehicle has been stolen in the UK with a Pandora system installed ).
  • This loop hole only applied to a small range of alarm systems in the range / now fixed / secured ( Smart and professional models ).
  • We personally back the Pandora alarm brand and have complete faith in its security and resistance against attack.

The BBC confirmed these attacks can't be used or carried out without an ADR Tag / Immobiliser tag making their comments invalid!

Many thanks for taking your time to read our views on the news report, and making it clear to you the (customer) the flaws in the BBC news report. All views are my own.



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