MG HS Front Parking Sensors Fitted Essex

5 October 2022  |  Admin

MG HS fitted with our Laserline front parking sensors, the customer said they couldn't even order the vehicle with front parking sensors. As such once the vehicle arrived they was looking for a perfect aftermarket solution, we recommended our Laserline front sensor kit which works perfectly on the MG models. We install 4 sensors on the front bumper and these are professioanally colour coded to match your exisiting vehicles paint.

You won't see any wiring or parts the only parts you see is the 4 sleek sensors mounted on the front bumper and the small LED touch switch thats mounted on the vehicles dashboard. This LED touch switch is used when your parking the vehicle meaning a very sleek installation once complete. The sensors start detecting objects from 1.2 meters away giving more than enough notice of any objects in your path.

We choose Laserline parking sensors due to there high quality, and most importantly reliability. Due to them being made in Italy you can rest assured these sensors will last for many years and won't cause any issues. There are many cheap brands on the market and they are mainly poor quality, as such we only fit the best products.

We are fully mobile in the Essex area fitting parking sensors to many of the MG models such as the HS, ZS and the MG3. For some reason MG don't offer a front parking sensor solution for these models and as such we can offer front parking sensors supplied and fitted at your home or workplace in Essex. If you would like a quote or wish to book an installation give us a call on 07525 068291.

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