MG ZS Cobra Front Parking Sensors Fitted Basildon Essex

24 February 2020  |  Admin

MG's are becoming more popular on UK roads. This customer wanted the best front sensors which will fit well and perform for many years. We suggested the Cobra front parking sensors, due to these sensors being made in Italy you can be assured of excellent quality and performance. These Cobra sensors were professionally colour matched to the original MG ZS Laser Blue paint code giving a nice sleek finish and the vehicle looks like it left the factory with these fitted.

When turning on the ignition the sensors will become active for 45 seconds, if no objects are detected within this time they will automatically time out. If any objects are detected the sensors will simply remain on to make sure your protected while parking / leaving a parking space. These sensors start detecting objects from 1.2 meters away meaning you will have more than enough advanced warning when parking. Inside the vehicle near the gear shift is a small Cobra P button which we install, this button can be pressed for 1 second when the kit times out to simply wake it up again. This button lights up when the sensors are active and the small hidden buzzer will bleep for 1 second ( Activation tone ).

These sensors are backed with our full 3 year warranty giving complete piece of mind when having parking sensors installed on your vehicle. All sensors can be professionally colour coded for a great paint match. If you would like front parking sensors installed give us a call on 07525068291.

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