Mercedes Vito Pandora Light Pro Fitted Essex

11 June 2019  |  Admin

The Mercedes Vito W447 is becoming a must have van for many tradesman due to the quality of the Mercedes vans many tradesman say they would never own anything else. Sadly many of these Vito's come with no form of factory alarm and as such many owners are doing there research and looking for the best security possible. We recommend the Pandora range of alarm system for this vehicle either the Pandora Mini BT or the Pandora Light Pro. The Light Pro offers an OLED remote which gives the user full details on the vehicle status such as the vehicle being locked or unlocked and the current time. It will also alert the owner up to 1 mile by paging the OLED remote letting you know what has caused the alarm, for example a door, boot, bonnet or the shock sensor for example.

The Pandora Software works very well on this vehicle meaning all doors front, side and rear and bonnet are all detected by the vehicle Can-Bus network meaning less wiring needs to be run and its ultimately more reliable. The Light Pro offers many sensors as standard such as dual zone shock, tilt and motion. All these sensors offer fantastic protection for your vehicle giving you complete piece of mind when leaving it.

The Light Pro also features a small ADR tag which sits on the vehicles keys or a neck laynard meaning once this ADR tag is detected within the vehicles interior it will allow the vehicle to start and drive away. Without this tag being within range the alarm simply won't allow the vehicle to start. This means you are protected from key scanning / range extending and key cloning. If you would like a Pandora alarm system installed why not give us a call on 07525068291. Remember we are the only Platinum car alarm dealer in Essex offering excellent installations and customer care.

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