Mercedes CLA Pandora Mini Fitted Essex

6 November 2018  |  Admin

With the Mercedes range of vehicles being in the top 10 stolen cars in the UK it makes complete sense to get your vehicle protected with the most advanced security system in the world. The Pandora Mini is an entry level system but offers excellent security to fight against the most common attacks used by today's vehicle thieves. The Pandora Mini system uses a tag system which means you have a small tag which sits on the vehicles key ring. Without this tag being in range the vehicle will remain immobilised and alarmed. The great feature about this system is the tags can't be cloned or key scanned like other systems on the market.

This Pandora Mini system protects your vehicle by protecting all main zones on the vehicle such as the doors, boot and bonnet. The rest of the vehicle is protected via a dual zone shock sensor this sensor detects light and harsh impacts to the vehicle. Tilt sensor which is designed to protect your alloy wheels, any form of jacking the vehicle up will trigger the alarm. It also features a motion sensor which means if the vehicle is pushed or dragged from the parked location it will trigger the alarm.

This system works seamlessly with the original vehicles remote control meaning locking the doors will arm the alarm and chirp the Pandora siren. And when unlocking your vehicle via the original control providing the tag is in range the doors will unlock and the  alarm will chirp and fully disarm. Once the Pandora Mini has seen the tag the system will fully disarm the onboard immobiliser allowing you to start the vehicle as normal.

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