Mercedes A35 AMG Pandora Smart Pro V4 Fitted Chelmsford

14 March 2024  |  Admin

Mercedes A35 AMG protected by the Pandora Smart Pro V4 Alarm, Immobiliser, GPS Tracker and Phone alert system. This system works flawless on the Mercedes by arming & disarming alongside the Mercedes remote control or Keyless door buttons. The alarm & Immobiliser side will disarm omce the Pandora ADR tag is detected on the owners keys, meaning without this ADR tag the vehicle won't start and the alarm will remain sounding for 30 seconds.

In the event of an alarm trigger the system will also phone and text you to let you know what zone has been triggered. This allows you to always be connected to your vehicle meaning you know the exact state such as the vehicle being locked / unlocked or even if you have left a door open. The Pandora Smart Pro V4 features a wireless siren meaning the wiring is not routed back to the alarm module giving an excellent level of security.

Our Pandora Smart Pro installations feature an exclusive 12 months subscription, once the subscription has expired its £125 per year moving forward meaning its a cost effective system over the lifetime of ownership. If your looking for a very secure system which protects your A35 AMG we would recommend the Pandora Thatcham Cat 1 Smart Pro V4. Fitted on a mobile basis in Chelmsford, Essex. Call us on 07525 068291 or email 

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