Jaguar XKR Parrot Handsfree Installation Essex

13 May 2016  |  Admin

Many installers won't even come close to touching some Jaguars due to the phone inputs being unavailable or they don't have enough know how in order to integrate the handsfree system through the original speakers. In Car Advancements work on many Jaguar vehicles and fit many different items such as Handsfree Kits or Tracking devices. The Parrot CK3100 we installed in this vehicle sits very neatly on the vehicles dash board and the wire is hidden behind the wooden trim making it a very sleek install. The microphone is mounted at the top of the headlining trim meaning the caller gets a very clear echo free sound.

All our Parrot installations are carried out to a very high standard of fitting meaning all wiring and control units are secured correctly and hidden out of sight. Being Parrot certified you can be assured we will make a nice neat job and offer a long warranty period to make sure your device lasts.

Being fully mobile and offering handsfree fitting around the whole Essex area, you can be at home or work and we can get the job done. Still not convinced view our workmanship!

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