Hyundai I30 N Pandora Immo Fitted Essex

18 November 2019  |  Admin

Although the Hyundai I30 N isn't on the top 10 stolen vehicle list the vehicle still uses keyless entry which can be amplified from the owners home if if there out and about for example. More extreme attacks will have the thieves cloning a new car into the vehicles ECU by the OBD diagnostics port. The Pandora Immo wraps your Hyundai I30 N in complete protection. The Immo system will only disarm when a secure Pandora ADR tag is within the vehicles interior. Without this ADR tag being within range the system will immobilise the vehicle in motion and it will kill the engine. The system also features anti hijack which is a nice feature. If the Pandora ECU detects a tag has left the vehicles interior while the vehicle is being driven the system will start the anti hijack countdown, after the bleeping has expired the vehicle will become immobilised on movement.

The Pandora Immo is taking the market by storm due to its advanced engine immobilisation and the fact the unit is tiny ( very simmular in size to the Autowatch Ghost. The Pandora works on a very secure wavelength of 868 Mhz and the tags also go to sleep after 10 mins of no movement meaning even if your keys was close to the vehicle inside your house the tag still won't be detected by the Immo due to the system staying in sleep mode until the keys are picked up and moved.

The Immo uses a buzzer rather than an LED to let you know if the immo is in an armed state when the ignition is turned on. With the buzzer being hidden you can't pin point where the bleeping noise is coming from due to the tone it makes. This means a thief can't easily find the device and it remains in tacked and secure. If you would like a Pandora Immo installed why not give us a call on 07525 068291 to get your vehicle protected.


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