Ford Focus ST Pandora Fitted Essex

16 January 2018  |  Admin

The Ford Focus ST is the number one target in Essex. Commonly stolen via picking the drivers door lock or smashing the lower drivers window glass to gain access to the vehicles OBD port. Once they have gained access they will simply plug in there programming tool to code another key into the vehicles ECU. With Pandora that is a thing of the past, our Pandora packages come with a choice of OBD port immobilisation or an ignition immobiliser as standard. Or for a small additional fee you can have both for ultimate security. The Pandora system features a 2 way remote which means you can see what is happening to your vehicle while parked for example ( if the shock sensor has triggered, if the tilt and motion sensor has triggered ). This remote has fantastic range of up to 1.5 miles depending on the area / buildings.

The Pandora offers excellent features such as the Immobiliser tag / ADR card which allows the original Ford 3 button remote or the keyless entry buttons on the doors to disarm the Pandora when in range. This small tag sits on the vehicles key ring and if the vehicle is opened / unlocked without this tag in range the alarm will sound and the immobiliser will stop the vehicle from starting. Giving total security unlike any other package on the market. The Pandora remote will also activate deadlocking on the Focus and allow the door mirrors to fold ( If fitted ).

The Pandora offers the ability to link your smartphone ( Apple or Android ) to give you additional features such as sensor adjustment and the ability to arm and disarm your alarm system. If you would like a Pandora fitted why not give us a call on 07525 068291 to book your vehicle in.

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