Fiat 500 Abarth Anti Hijack

17 December 2018  |  Admin

This Fiat 500 had the Anti Hijack add on with the Pandora alarm system. This add on makes your security system more secure than any other product on the market right now. The anti Hijack works by always making sure your ADR tag is in range when entering and exiting your vehicle. This tag is very small and can be mounted on the vehicles keys or can simply be kept in a jacket pocket. If the owner is forced to leave the vehicle ( In a Hijacking ) the system will start it's hijack procedure meaning it will start the 30 second countdown. After this countdown has ended the vehicle will only cut out when it the vehicle slows down meaning it will come to a safe stop.

With car hijacking rising massively in the last few years it makes sense to get an immobiliser or an alarm system which has this feature. For example Anti Hijack can be added an to the Pandora Immobiliser known as the Pandora Immo, or any of the other Pandora alarm systems.

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