Do Car Alarms Require Any Maintenance

7 June 2016  |  Admin

Many customers ask does a car alarm require any form of maintenance? The answer is very little, the only part that could go faulty over a period of time could be the small bonnet pin which is located in the bonnet area. This pin is used to detect bonnet movement in the event of an attack. If you have had a car alarm installed on a later vehicle it might not have a pin switch installed, due to the alarm reading the bonnet pin data from the original bonnet pin which is factory fitted.

If you have a bonnet pin like the picture above these are black or chrome in colour and have a plastic moving center, this means when you close the bonnet it pushes the pin down and breaks the contact on the alarm system. and when you open the bonnet it makes the pin return to its open stage and as such creates a contact with the alarm system and It will trigger the alarm if the alarm is armed.

The only thing you need to make sure is the pin switch is free moving and doesn't stick in the open or get stuck in the closed position. if it does it's time to service your bonnet pin. I normally use a small amount of WD40 to get it moving freely once again. Then use multi-purpose grease in order to protect it from the weather and keep it working correctly. A check once every 12 months is enough.

It does state in the Thatcham guidelines the alarm system should fully checked over in terms of sensor adjustment, wiring looms, siren mounting once every year. We will service any alarm system in the local Essex area for a small fee once every 12 months. Give us a call on 07525 068291.

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