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5 April 2020  |  Admin

If you own a BMW you are more than likely worried about the factory security and how many flaws the original security systems have. There are many methods thieves use in order to steal BMW models below are the main methods used and how each attack is carried out. Please don't panic when you read these methods! we have a very large range of security products from Pandora which wrap your BMW in complete protection.

  • Key scanning ( Keyless models )

This is when a thief simply walks up to your house and holds a device up to the window or front door, which is designed to pick up the original key signal and extend the range. Another thief stands next to the car pulling the door handle. Once they have picked up the key the vehicle will unlock and allow an engine start. This is a very common method and owners believe putting there key in a metal lined pouch will stop this form of attack. In many cases it doesn't due to the inside of the pouch breaking up and allowing the signal to transmit through.

  • OBD key cloning ( Keyless & Blade Key Models )

This is by far the most common method used if a Key Scanning method doesn't work. The thieves will pick the drivers door lock or smash the window in a certain place NOT triggering the factory fitted cat 1 and plug there machine / key cloning OBD dongle into the vehicles OBD port. There are 3 outcomes with this type of attack. They can clone a key in without causing any noise at all and your vehicle will simply disappear. Or the theives will try and clone a key but the BCM will become corrupt and lock everyone out / even the owner ( A repair bill of around £1000-1500 ) this is more common than people would believe. Or they fail completely and can't program a new key to your vehicle, usually due to a BMW security update / yes the BMW security updates do work sometimes!

  • RF Key Cloning ( Keyless & Blade Key Models when pressing lock / unlock )

Not as common as other methods however still used to gain access to your vehicle. The owner will park the vehicle up at a services or shopping center, and exit the vehicle and when they press the lock button nothing will happen ( you would think that's weird ) and press the button again and the vehicle still won't lock. When you press the button a 3rd time the vehicle will lock as normal. When you was pressing the lock button the first and second time the key was working as normal but the thieves were blocking and cloning your RF signal from the key. They will be able to return to your vehicle and unlock it ( the fancy rolling code doesn't matter when they are using a high end RF code grabbing device ). However in order to steal the vehicle they would need to program a key via the OBD port. If for any reason you have blocked or moved the OBD port, it doesn't matter thieves will head directly to the CAS unit to access the Can-Bus network there.

What can you do in order to protect your BMW 1,2,3,4,5 & X5 vehicle? We offer a range of security products from Pandora Car Alarms, these offer complete protection against key scanning and key cloning by using a highly encrypted ADR tag which sits on the vehicles keys. Unlike the original BMW key the signal can't be range extended and the ADR tag shuts down if no movement is detected after 5 mins. Meaning even if your keys are close to your BMW the Pandora system will remain armed and your vehicle will remain immobilised.

We are also researching the interior buttons for many BMW models which will expand the buttons which can be used in order to disarm the Pandora immobiliser. Giving you complete protection even if the thieves break into your house for the vehicles keys and the ADR tag is with them they wouldn't be able to start the vehicle. The way this works is very similar to the Autowatch Ghost however the Pandora system gives you far more features for your money.

What else does a Pandora system offer when you have one installed? It will arm when pressing lock on the original key or via the keyless locking on the door handles. It will also disarm when pressing unlock via the original remote or by putting your hand behind the door handle. However it will only disarm the Pandora alarm side if a Pandora ADR tag is within range, without this tag being detected the alarm will sound after 12 seconds. We install an additional 120 db siren which sounds in the event of an alarm trigger, the system has many on board sensors such as a dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor and a motion sensor if the vehicle is jacked up or towed away.

We were the first dealers in the UK to fit a Pandora security system onto the new BMW G30 5 Series, BMW F40 1 Series, and the new BMW Mini released in 2015. We know BMW vehicles so well most of our customers are from BMW owners groups and customers friend referrals. We know exactly how these vehicles come apart and how to put them back together exactly how they come out the factory. We loom all harnesses in the official BMW cloth tape meaning all our alarm harnesses blend into the original wiring harnesses giving maximum security and no rattles.

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