BMW M3 Pandora Smart Pro

16 October 2018  |  Admin

Our customer almost lost his BMW M3. The vehicle had the original alarm system which the thieves managed to get past without making a noise. They was almost finished cloning a key just before they was done the customer disturbed them. The good news is they didn't steal the vehicle but they caused a large amount of damage to the vehicles door lock to gain entry.

Our customer didn't want to take any chances and had the Pandora Smart Pro installed. The Smart Pro is the most advanced car alarm in the world. Offering complete protection against key cloning and key scanning, the system offers complete protection for your doors, boot and bonnet. The system has many sensors such as a dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor which protects your alloy wheels, motion which detects roll away attempts and if they are moving the vehicle by dragging it from your drive.

The Pandora Smart Pro features GPS tracking and all alerts such as alarm triggers are sent directly to the owners smartphone ( Apple or Android ). If in the event of the owner being hijacked from the vehicle and the ADR tag exiting the vehicle the alarm system will go into anti hijack mode where the alarm starts a 30 seconds engine kill timer. This will stop the vehicle from moving and restarting. If in the event of your keys being stolen with the ADR tag you can phone the system from your smartphone or landline to immobilise the vehicle remotely.

We are Platinum dealers of the Pandora car security systems in Essex. If you would like Pandora Smart Pro installed why not give us a call on 07525068291.

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