BMW Interior Stripped

6 June 2020  |  Admin

This is becoming more popular in Essex everyday, the most common wave is the BMW 5 series. Back in November we released a Facebook video of 4 series with the drivers window being smashed and all the interior trims, radio, screen had all been stolen by thieves. However we have found out recently they are also stealing the steering wheels and dash clusters / speedo at the same time due to how expensive these parts are on the stolen vehicle parts market. For example just the trims alone can make a quick £400-600 for the thieves and steering wheels being over a £1000.

Many customers are contacting us for our specialist BMW security upgrades for all the common models such as the 1, 3, 4 & 5 series. The X5 amd X6 models are not as common to have there interiors stolen but it still does happen. The problem with the BMW factory fitted alarm is the original sensors which are mounted in the interior light and for many years they have had blind spots which allows a thief to smash the window in a certain way and the alarm doesn't trigger. They can then attack the ultrasonic  / interior alarm sensor loom which triggers the factory alarm / once the trigger wire is cut the alarm simply won't sound with no matter how much movement is sensed within the interior.

This gives the thieves the ability to climb inside the car with little to no noise being caused. We would recommend our Pandora Mini BT system with the additional microwave sensor which triggers on motion and the sensor is hidden under the trims meaning a thief wouldn't know there is a microwave sensor installed. The Pandora Mini BT alarm and immobiliser will wrap your BMW in protection, the Pandora uses an ADR tag which must be within range to allow the alarm and immobiliser to disarm. This ADR tag can't be key scanned or key cloned like the original BMW key, giving you total security. The system features complete protection for doors, boot, bonnet, dual zone shock sensor ( detects a window being smashed ), tilt sensor which will detect jacking up of the vehicle, and a motion sensor which means if the vehicle is rolled or towed away the alarm will trigger.

We are also adding a new feature in 2020 which allows you to use a series of buttons in your BMW such as volume up & down, mode , speak and window buttons in order to protect your car against key theft. This is another level of protection we can offer to protect your vehicle, you can find out more by viewing the Pandora Validator blog post.

Pandora really is the device of choice when it comes to being alerted of your vehicle being attacked. Thieves are also well aware the Pandora systems are the ultimate defence in stopping the vehicle from being stolen giving you yet another reason to upgrade your standard basic security. Call the Essex BMW security specialist today on 07525 068291.

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