BMW Pandora Validator Series 1-5 and X5 models

4 June 2020  |  Admin

We are super excited to announce the BMW 1,2,3,4,5 & x5 models will now be covered with the Pandora Validator feature. We have been Can sniffing this platform to give BMW owners another level of protection and yet again we have gone that step further than the rest. The button Validator is very similar to how other can bus immobilisers work on the market however this is ANOTHER layer of protection alongside the alarm & immobiliser. Meaning even with the keys and Pandora ADR tag your vehicle remains completely immobilised and will NOT start.

If a thief was to enter your home and leave with the keys and Pandora adr tag the vehicle would start under a normal Pandora alarm installation and they could simply drive away... NOT any longer... the thief wouldn't be able to start the vehicle unless he knows the secret pin number entered by a series of button presses such as the steering wheel buttons or door window buttons. ( which only the vehicles owner would know ) as such a vehicle thief has no hope in starting your pride and joy on the drive.
Think protected... think Pandora Validator! Can be added to the Pandora Mini, light pro, smart pro and elite models.

The Can data we have provided is currently being approved by Pandora and will be added into ALL alarm software in a very short time.
Pandora research and development carried out by Essex Platinum dealer In Car Advancements. We are the most involved Pandora dealer in the UK working alongside Pandora UK to give you more from this already amazing product. If you want a BMW security package look no further and give us a call on 07525068291.

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