BMW 1 Series Pandora Eye Upgrade

14 January 2020  |  Admin

The Pandora Mini BT & Pandora Eye combo is by far the most secure and effective way of protecting your vehicle. You might ask why is the Pandora Eye so secure? The Pandora Eye is a separate add on for the Mini BT which gives GSM phone alerts such as Texts, phone calls & push notifications. Along with GSP vehicle tracking allowing you to pin point the vehicles location. The reason it is so secure it due to the products talking to each other over a bluetooth connection. This means the alarm ECU can be mounted in one area and the Eye pro can be mounted in another, this also means a thief can't trace the wiring to find the tracker. Making it a VERY secure installation.

The Pandora Eye offers you complete protection. The only difference between the Mini BT & Pandora Eye against the Pandora Smart Pro is the ability to adjust the alarm sensors over GSM. This has to be done via your smartphone in Bluetooth. This means you get more bang for buck and you get a much more secure system. The Pandora eye also features internal back up batteries meaning if the vehicles power is disconnected the Pandora Eye will ping it's location every few hours. You will also get a push notification to let you know the vehicles power has been disconnected for the highest level of security.

The Pandora Eye comes with 6 months subscription free of charge, after that period it's £100 per year meaning it is very cost effective to keep running @ only £1.92 per week. You also have the ability to view previous routes the vehicle has taken and what times the journey started and ended, this is perfect it someone borrows your vehicle. You can also check the status of the vehicle such as if it's locked / unlocked. If you would like the Pandora Eye installed alongside an alarm system give us a call on 07525068291.

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