Audi S3 Autowatch Ghost Fitted Chelmsford

10 January 2020  |  Admin

This Audi RS3 in now protected by the Autowatch Ghost, the Autowatch Ghost is a Can-Bus immobiliser which will stop the vehicle from running unless a secure code is entered via the interior buttons. Without this code being entered the vehicle will start for 1 second and then the engine will die. Without the secure code the vehicle simply won't be going anywhere giving great piece of mind to the owner. The Ghost 2 has been a popular device which many S3 & RS3 owners are having installed due to the very high rate of theft of these vehicles. The Ghost also features a service mode which is great if you need to put the vehicle into a main dealer for servicing or you wish to get the vehicle remapped.

Service mode is entered on this vehicle by entering the customer selected pin number (on the buttons available). Then await pin conformation via the dash lights, once confirmed simply press the drivers window up button 5 times. This will then give you 5 flash backs on the dash lights and allow the vehicle to be started every time without the code needing to be entered. This means a main dealer can do servicing, software updates, or engine mapping without having issues. If the vehicle is driven over 31 mph the next time the ignition is turned off the ghost will automatically rearm. The Ghost will also exit service mode if the ignition is switched on and the pin number is entered.

The Autowatch Ghost is by far the best immobiliser for this vehicle due to how well it works with the on board Can-Bus system. If you require an alarm & immobiliser however we would recommend the Pandora systems. If you require a Ghost installer to fit an Autowatch Ghost in the Essex area to your car or van give us a call on 07525 068291. We are the original / one of the first installers of the Ghost in Essex.

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