Audi RS6 2020 Pandora Mini BT Anti Hijack

1 September 2020  |  Admin

This brand new Audi RS6 isn't going anywhere! Fitted with the Pandora Mini BT Anti Hijack edition meaning in the event of a vehicle hijacking the system will detect the tag leaving the vehicles interior and once it senses this the system will flash the vehicles indicators and count down via siren chirps, once this timer has expired the engine will be immobilised shortly after.The engine will not restart until a secure ADR tag is back within range. This system offers complete protection against key scanning & key cloning, meaning even if the original key is taken the vehicle will remain protected. The owner of this stunning vehicle went slightly further and added additional Pandora wireless relays to securely immobilise the vehicles electronics which can't be traced back due to all these immobiliser units being wireless meaning they communicate over the air.

The Pandora Mini BT offers complete protection on this vehicle for doors, boot, bonnet and the rest of the vehicle is protected by the dual zone shock sensor which detects lighter and harsher impacts. The system also offers a tilt sensor which protects the alloy wheels any jacking of the vehicle will trigger the alarm. The motion sensor detects any form of towing or dragging of the vehicle. All these sensors come as standard with the Mini BT, giving a large amount of protection.

The Pandora Mini BT also offers a Bluetooth mobile app which allows you to use your phone as a tag in an emergency plus it allows you to view alarm history and adjust the shock, tilt and motion via your smartphone which means adjustments and changes takes seconds once your phone is within range. Another great system that can be added to this system is the Pandora eye, this allows tracking and calls along with GSM texts to be sent direct to your smartphone in the event of an alarm trigger. If you would like to find out more call us on 07525 068291.


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