Yamaha R1 & R6 Theft Method

16 April 2020  |  Admin

Not many owners are aware but this simple device that plugs into the original immobiliser transponder harness going to the bikes ECU. This device only costs between £20-30 and can be found on many popular websites. It will trick the ECU into thinking the factory key is in the ignition barrel. This method takes thieves around 10 seconds to get the bike start. This is a major problem for owners of the Yamaha R1 & R6 bikes, this method also works on other Yamaha models and some scooters.

The way the bike is stolen?

  • Thieves attack the transponder loom under the tank / towards the front of the bike.
  • Once the transponder plug is found they simply plug this device in.
  • Hotwire the bikes ignition, bringing the cluster to life.
  • snap the steering lock if engaged.
  • Start the bike up and drive away.

What can you do to prevent this form of attack? Fit a motorbike alarm and immobiliser for example the Digitek Thatcham Cat 1. This will instantly sound if the Bikes ignition is turned on and a full cat 1 will also keep the bike immobilised and won't allow an engine start if the factory system is bypassed. This means an additional fitted Thatcham Cat 1 will give you the best security. If you wanted to be alerted to this form of attack you could have the Pandora Smart Moto installed. The Smart Moto is the most advanced bike alarm on the market by using your smartphone for any alerts by sending push notifications and phoning you in the event of an alarm trigger. The Pandora Smart Moto will also disarm when walking upto the bike by detecting the Pandora Tag. This system is also a fully approved Thatcham Cat 1.


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