Whats a good window tint installation?

25 October 2015  |  Admin

We have all seen many cars or vans on the road with bubbles, creases or lines within the window film. In some cases the dyes break down within the film and it will start going purple. Another poor issue with cheap window film is were it fades and the film gets a shade lighter. With professional window tinting there is a huge amount to take into account and shop for. Window film comes in the cheap every day motor spares stocked roll to the extremes of Suntek and Auto Vision, the difference between these films is the way they are made many of the latest brands from the top quality manufactures have colour stable dyes and get heat shrinking ability.

Another important part to take into account is the type of installation you want and how it will be carried out on your vehicle. You want to find a tint shop that will pull the lower window gaskets or pull the glass completely. Reason being with window film you are fighting with contamination when installing film, felt seals are a main issue and are best removed to carry out the job of tinting the glass and replacing after for the perfect finish.

A good installation will have no or very few little specs ( Contaminates ) under the film when correctly installed in a clean work area. and the side windows will have the film up to the edge of the glass ( known in the trade as micro edge ). After the film is installed for a few days it will have a white haze and this is completely normal and its a normal process of the film dying out.

Brands recommended


Auto Vision

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