What makes a good van lock installation

20 October 2015  |  Admin

Many customers will look / phone round many different companies to try and find out which lock is best and get the best price. This is were most customers trade and retail go wrong. You simply can't have the best and cheapest locking set up which is effective. For example most cheap installations use very cheap lock cylinders which are liable to jamming and not releasing the key from the euro cylinder. along with very thin and pointless brackets.

A high quality lock installation starts with the lock it's self known as the Deadlock to many customers, you need to make sure the cylinder used is a Thatcham approved anti pick and anti drill cylinder. The lock casing needs a long bolt throw which means it meets the correct locking standard for your vehicle. And most importantly make sure the installer is fitting a kit which is designed exactly for your vehicle.

The next most important part is making sure all holes cut in the bodywork are rust proofed and the locks need to be sealed with sealant to stop water getting inside the bodywork. once this is done you can be assured not rust will come through the body work for a long amount of time. No one can guarantee a lifetime warranty on rust proofing, if they do walk away.

So to recap.

  • Only use Thatcham Accredited Deadlocks.
  • Make sure the installer is rust proofing.
  • Make sure there is sealant around the lock casings.
  • Make sure you wash the vehicle after 24 hours with a hose pipe to wash any small partials of swarf away. ( Not every part of swarf can be removed after installation. )

Thatcham deadlocks are not cheap but it will be the difference between keeping your tools safe or getting them all stolen. We carry out Thatcham deadlock installations by our mobile installation service in Essex.

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