What is Thatcham Cat 5?

18 July 2015  |  Admin

Thatcham Cat 5 is the highest spec tracking requirement for many high end cars and motor homes. These are normally requested when the value of your vehicle is over £90.000 in value. There are a few reasons why Thatcham Cat 5 is more secure over the standard Thatcham cat 6 units, for a start you have an ADR card which stands for automatic driver recognition, this means when you enter your vehicle and turn on the ignition your Thatcham Cat 5 tracking system is instantly looking for the ADR card, and if no card is found the tracker instantly sends an alert to head office. This means in the event of a theft the police can be alerted ASAP.

The other main advantage is the starter kill immobiliser which can be used by police forces across the UK. This means if your vehicle is stolen and the police are looking for your vehicle, they can immobilise the starter meaning if the vehicle stops it can't be restarted. And with Thatcham Cat 5 having the highest level of response ( Level 1 ) they will instantly dispatch to recover your vehicle.

Many customers question can the tracking units be jammed? The answer is no. The Thatcham Cat 5 units have inbuilt GPS and GSM anti jamming technology and if any attempt is used to jam the units the tracking head office is alerted instantly. This then allows them to keep an extra close eye on your vehicle. And another common question is where is the tracking device fitted. The systems can be fitted in many parts of the vehicles interior or exterior but they are never mounted in the wheel arch like the films.

When having a Thatcham Cat 5 installed never use a multi national installation company. The reason being they won't hide the units very well and in most cases won't even bother doing a starter cut. These national companies use engineers on a subcontract basis and pay them a poor rate for carrying out an involved installation. We offer superior tracking installation meaning everything is mounted and hidden extremely well meaning the unit won't be found within seconds. You can find out more on our Thatcham Cat 5 Trackers.

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