What is Air Ride Suspension?

30 December 2015  |  Admin

Air ride has been around for many years now and its only just starting to take the UK market by storm. When air ride was first released it was a universal platform that companies had to really mod or make parts in order to get the kit fitted. With more and more companies now selling air ride vehicle kits have now become available on the UK market place. Everyone on the car scene wants that extra low stance and air ride gives you them sleek looks.

There are a lot more components when fitting air ride such as the custom brackets, air tank which stores the air to allow the air bags to charge and discharge air. You also have the wiring and compressor which creates compressed air for the air tank. You will also have a controller which allows you to adjust the ride height to your preference. The great part about air ride is the ability to adjust your height at any time for example during a normal drive you could have the car super low and if you are approaching a car park with ramps or speed bumps at the click of a button you can raise the height of your vehicle.

With most of the air ride kits on the market having air bags made by fire stone they have a fantastic reliability factor due to Fire stone normally making them for large HGV's, you don't need to worry about the weight or how long they will last. The only possible chance of problems is air leaks if the connections are not made correctly. Always seek a professional installation when getting air ride installed on your vehicle.


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