VW Tiguan Thinkware Fitted Front And Rear Basildon Essex

13 February 2019  |  Admin

The owner of this VW Tiguan is now protected when driving and when parked thanks to the Thinkware system which is fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle for the best protection. When customers start looking for a dash cam they search the internet high and low and find many options all listed at different prices. We always recommend the Thinkware range due to there advanced features and they always look very sleek. This system features 1080p front recording and 720p rear recording, the quality is very good and the main benefit of these systems is they feature parking mode which means when you leave your vehicle parked up on your driveway or at the shops for example it will record instantly if it detects motion or if the vehicle is impacted ( Someone reversing into your vehicle for example ).

All the footage recorded is saved onto a small SD card which sits inside the camera. It takes seconds to remove and you upload all the data to your windows PC. You can view just the front camera or the rear on there own so you can view the full recording nice and clear. All wiring within the vehicle is completely hidden meaning you see around 3-4 inches of cable exiting the camera at the front of the vehicle and then it disappears into the vehicles head liner. The rear camera you will see around 2-3 inches of cable before it disappears behind the trim panel.

We install dash cameras all over Essex from the leading brand Thinkware. These systems offers superior performance unlike any other and use format free tech meaning you will never have to touch the camera other than removing the SD card giving you complete hassle free ownership. If you would like a dash cam installed why not call us on 07525068291 to get your vehicle booked in.

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