VW T6.1 Pandora Mini BT Fitted Southend

19 August 2022  |  Admin

The VW T6.1 Transporter comes as standard with an alarm system but due to the possible theft of these vehicles owners are adding additional security. And the Pandora BT is by far an excellent choice to secure these vehicles, with the inbuilt anti key cloning and anti key scan protection a thief simply can't disarm your Pandora system unless a secure Pandora ADR tag is within range. The ADR tag is basically your authorisation to unlock and drvie the vehicle. Without this secure tag your system will remain in an armed state alongwith the vehicle being completely immobilised.

The Pandora Mini features many sensors as standard such as the dual zone shock sensor, tilt sensor which protects your alloy wheels and the motion sensor which detects the vehicle being dragged away. It also has the common protection for your doors, ( tailgate or barn doors ) and the bonnet. All fully backed up with the Thatcham approved battery back up siren which sounds @ 118DB when the alarm is triggered.

The only part you see out the complete installation is the Pandora LED which we mounted on the black trim, this looks nice and sleek and you don't have any chance of knocking it. This Pandora LED is also used as an emergency override in the event of a tag or Bluetooth smartphone being unavaliable. The emergency override code is a 4 digit code only you know which is entered via the LED. The system also features the Pandora BT smartphone Bluetooth app meaning you can use your phone to adjust settings such as the shock, tilt or motion sensor, view alarm history and much more.

If you own a VW T6.1 and you would like additional security installed we can provide excellent Thatcham approved solutions for your vehicle, Call 07525 068291 to discuss the possible security upgrades avaliable. Remember we are a Pandora Platinum dealer located in Essex.

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