VW T6 Thatcham Approved Slam Locks Fitted Essex

30 May 2018  |  Admin

The VW T6 is an excellent large van for many tradesman. Sadly these vehicles are targetted by thieves like many other vans on the road. Due to some T6 vehicles having a tailgate it can make fitting deadlocks expensive, so we suggested going for the Thatcham approved slam locks. Every time to door is closed it automaticly locks meaning you can't forget to lock the doors, for example we would normally suggest these locks to customers that offer multi drop deliverys. meaning you never have to worry about making sure the door is locked.

These slam locks offer excellent protection and look very smart once installed you simply place the key within the cylinder and turn it to release the door. In terms of maintenance there really isn't much to do other than grease the internal cylinder pins with GT85 for example ( Never use WD40 to oil external van locks ).

How do the slam locks work on the T6? They simply have an internal rod which links to the original locking latch. Meaning once the key is turned it pulls the rod to release the original latch. The only downside to this on certain vehicles is the internal release handles no longer funtion. For example this is not ideal for a tradesman that wishes to sleep in the van over night.

If you would like Thatcham Slam locks fitted to your VW T6 give us a call on 07525 068291.

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