VW Polo Pandora Immo Fitted Rainham Essex

8 September 2020  |  Admin

This VW Polo isn't going anywhere. We fitted the Pandora Immo which not only offers immobilisation on motion ( less than 1 meter of movement ) but it also offers Anti hijack. The customers previous car was stolen and as such the customer was taking any chances. The Pandora Immo is perfect for this application by using a anti clone / anti scan ADR tag which sits on the vehicles keys. This tag needs to be within range when turning the vehicles ignition on, without this tag being in range the vehicle will start but immobilise instantly on any form of motion. If the owner is driving the vehicle and the owner is hi-jacked the Immo will start counting down and shortly immobilise after a period of around 40 seconds.

The Immo is an invisible immobiliser which doesn't have an LED's or wires which can be followed back to the small / tiny immobiliser ECU. The Immo can be loomed into a vehicles wiring harness meaning it can be hidden very well unlike some other larger immobilisers. The Immo uses a high pitched buzzer which can be mounted up high within the vehicles dash and due to the Acoustic tone it can't be located easily giving a very high level of security.

The Immo comes with 2 tags as standard which means you have a spare tag if required or if more than 1 person drives the vehicle. The Immo also features a basic mobile Smartphone app which allows you to view battery voltage and to allow the system to enter valet mode if required. Valet mode is used if the vehicle needs to be worked on at a vehicle dealership and you don't want the immobiliser to effect there work, as such valet mode is perfect for this. If you would like security advice or a Pandora Immo fitted why not call us on 07525 068291.

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