Viper 106v back in the UK

21 July 2015  |  Admin

The Viper 106V was a massive success in the UK many years ago, but the demand for immobilisers slowly declined due to this system being more expensive than many others on the market. This system has something a little more than your standard Cat 2 and with 3 immobiliser cuts you can be assured this will protect your vehicle to the extremes. The Viper 106V is very straight forward in terms of how it works, you have a simple push key and after 30 seconds of the ignition being turned off you simply touch the immobiliser tag onto the push LED override and the immobiliser turns off. This then allows you to start the vehicle.

Many customers say is Viper more reliable than Clifford and the answer is they are both the same product just badged for each market. Viper has always been the go to brand in the USA and Clifford has been known over in the UK for over 20 years. With all these products they only work as well as they have been fitted, a cheap installation normally means a poor quality job. The Viper 106V has all black wires with small tags which are cut off during installation this means once installed a thief can't quickly bypass or join the cables to get the vehicle to start.

Fully Thatcham Cat 2 approved, you can view our range of Security products.

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