Vauxhall Corsa F Laserline Rear Parking Sensors Romford Essex

28 April 2021  |  Admin

Vauxhall Corsa F fitted with rear Laserline Professionally colour coded parking sensors. These offer complete protection when reversing and due to the excellent quality they will last for many years, all Laserline parking sensors are made it Italy offering better performance than the rest. These look very sleek / neat when installed and offer a finish many other parking sensors brands can't even come close to matching.

We made sure these sensors where professionally colour coded to match the original Vauxhall paint for the perfect finish. When the owner selects reverse gear the sensors will play a tone so you know they become active. Once active they start bleeping faster and faster you get to an object, these sensors start detecting objects from 1.5 meters away giving you more detection range than many other sensors on the market. The sensors go to a constant tone when you are 12 inches / 30 cms away from an object.

Having sensors installed gives you complete confidence when reversing and due to the customer having sensors on his previous vehicle he wanted sensors on his new vehicle. The Corsa F is based on the common Peugeot 208 due to Vauxhall not making cars any longer, as such these are more difficult to add parking sensors onto. If you require professionally fitted Parking sensors in the Essex area why not call us on 07525 068291. These sensors were installed in Romford, Essex at the customers home location.

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