Ultra Bright LED Light Bars

28 July 2016  |  Admin


If you want the best in terms of lighting performance you need an LED lightbar. Nothing comes close in terms of lighting performance and the ability to use the light bar for a long period of time without the worry of draining the vehicles battery unlike the older style bulb which used a large amount of power even if it was turned on for 15 mins without the engine running. These lights are controlled by a switch on the vehicles dashboard which you flick and the light bar will remain on. Even if the ignition is turned off the lightbar will still run.

These lights are made in the UK meaning they are very high quality and the components last giving you a good service life for your vehicles fleet. They only offer these light bars in the traditional colour of orange. We can supply and fit these at your home or workplace in Essex. Feel free to call us on 07525 068291 or email us.

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