Types of key cloning

22 June 2015  |  Admin

There are 3 types of key cloning and even the police don't understand the methods used. This leaves customers unsure and confused in terms of how to protect there vehicle if there vehicle has been attacked or stolen. Key clone can mean a vary of method used to gain access or steal a vehicle.

  • RF over the air remote signal cloning

RF over the air code grabbing is where a thief sits or walks near a vehicle and grabs the code when you push the lock or unlock buttons on your vehicles remote control. This normally happens on Audi, Ford, BMW, VW Mercedes and Vauxhall. This is due to someone cracking the rolling code algorithm back in 2006 they can now produce tools which know the next rolling code when the button is pressed. This method only allows access to the vehicles interior, they can't grab the immobiliser code over the air.

  • Smart key cloning ( Wireless push to start ignition vehicles )

These are the worst systems due to there massive floors in vehicle security. Thief's are simply walking into pubs or busy areas and cloning the constant RF signal the remote is giving off in your pocket. Once they have grabbed the code they can simply walk up to your vehicle to gain entry and drive the vehicle off by simply pressing the push to start button on the dash.

  • ECU port key cloning

This is a quick way for thief's to gain access to your vehicle. They don't need to pay a special visit or sit and wait, they simply walk up to your vehicle and pick the drivers door lock ( Turbo key decoder ). Once the lock has been picked they can open the door at sit inside your interior, an OBD key programmer will be used with a blank un-programmed key. within 15 seconds the new key will be coded into the vehicles ECU allowing the engine to be started and the vehicle can be simply driven away.





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