Toyota Yaris 2021 Rear Sensors Fitted Hornchurch Essex

23 July 2021  |  Admin

Many of the Toyota Yaris vehicles don't come with any form of parking sensors as standard, unless ordered at the factory when the vehicle is new. We can fit our very high quality Laserline rear sensors offering excellent performance and offering outstanding reliability throughout vehicle ownership. We can professionally colour code these sensors to match your vehicles paint, as you can see from the picture taken above the sensors match the vehicles finish perfectly and don't look like they have been added after the vehicle has left the factory.

The Laserline rear parking sensors start detecting objects from 1.5 meters away meaning you get more than enough of an advanced warning before even getting close to an object. These sensors go to a constant tone when you are 12 inches away from an object meaning you still have enough room to walk round the back of the vehicle. We install a small buzzer / speaker in the rear left hand side which has a soft bleeping tone when your reversing. When reverse gear is selected the bleeper will play a short tone to let you know the system has become active then it will start bleeping once objects are seen in your reversing path.

We professionally install Parking sensors all over Essex via our mobile installation service at your home or workplace. By using us you are guaranteed a very sleek and neat installation with no wires or modules on show, all trims are professionally removed and refitted. You can call us on 07525 068291 to book your vehicle in for rear or even front & rear sensors. Will will only require the vehicles reg in order to get these sensors colour coded perfectly to match your factory paint colour. We don't just offer sensors for Toyota we can fit parking sensors to almost all brands of vehicles in the UK,

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