Toyota Gen 3 Toyota Supra Cobra Cat 1

30 September 2019  |  Admin

This Toyota Super Gen 3 classic 1990 year was fitted with the Cobra 4138HF Thatcham cat 1 offering excellent security and full immobilisation. The system offers protection for the vehicles doors and bonnet. The vehicles interior is protected by the Cobra microwave module which creates an invisible field within the vehicles cabin when the alarm is armed. This means no sensors are mounted on the vehicles a pillars for example giving a nice sleek appearance and maintaining the vehicles value.

The Cobra Thatcham Cat 1 is the alarm of choice for many classic car owners due to the excellent reliability these products offer. Cobra have been known for outlasting many other alarm brands due to there high quality components and everything being made in house in Italy meaning nothing is out sourced. The Cobra ABS remote controls are the most solid in the industry and will last for many years without issue.

The Cobra 4138HF has been around for over 10 years now and it is still one of the highly trusted security systems on the market. The system also has one of the most difficult immobilisers to bypass due to the module being septate and epoxy sealed meaning you can't bypass the immobiliser wiring at the plug itself. Every wire would have to be traced back to the source which would take hours to work out and bypass meaning the system is one of the most secure.

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